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How to Choose the Right Home Lift for Your life

04 May 2023

For some families, an elevator or lift for the home is no longer an item that is too luxurious to own but a must-have. Family members who are elderly or have health problems really need a home elevator so they can continue their activities at home. Besides that, the elevator also makes it easier for you to move heavy items from floor to floor. Now, the question is how to choose the right home lift for your needs.

When choosing a lift for the home, you need to think about at least three things: the number of floors, the type of needs, and how ready your house is to install an elevator.


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How Many Floors Are in Your House?

In most cases, homes with three or more floors require an elevator. But in this modern era, there are lots of two-story houses that also need a home elevator. How fast your home elevator works depends on how many floors it goes up and down. The more floors your house has, the faster your elevator will run.

For example, the Uola-Volkslift home elevator can move up and down with a maximum speed of 0.4 m/s. This speed is perfect for houses with three or four floors. Other elevators, such as those with screw technology, have a climbing speed of about 0.15 m/s, which is suitable for houses with two floors.


A Suitable Lift Width for Your Needs

If your home lift is primarily needed to assist people with health problems, it should accommodate wheelchairs, and if possible, it should also be able to accommodate one person behind the wheelchair.

If the main reason for getting a lift is to make the house look prettier, then the hoistway and cabin shape will be the right choice for you. You can choose panoramic cells with glass walls, wall frames made of stainless steel or gold, and clear hoistways, which will make your home look prettier.


Get Ready to Go Home

Traction lifts such as the Uola-Volkslift, which are often found in business buildings, are the best types of home lifts for homes and apartments. This type of elevator is easier to maintain, more technicians can work on it, and the safety system is highly standardized and reliable.

However, this type of lift requires a large enough space and takes a longer time to build. So, if your house is still being built or is still in the planning stages, it's a good idea to add a hoistway that can later be filled with this kind of lift. But if your home is already built and it would be difficult to build a new hoistway, you may want to consider a lift with technology that makes it easy to install a lift quickly.


When choosing a lift for the home, you need to think about at least these three things: No matter what lift you choose, our CSAccess can help you with FREE advice on the specifications of a home lift according to your needs. Let's make your home the most comfortable and safe place for all family members.



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