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03 May 2023

Now an elevator is increasingly common in homes, and this seems to be a habit. You need to know in advance that there are various types of lifts for the home, such as service lifts, goods lifts, platform lifts, wheelchair lifts, and stair lifts.

These lifts can make your everyday life easier by making things easier to reach and more convenient. Depending on your needs and space, your home may require a different type of lift. Well, for those of you who want to install lifts for the home, you can listen to this article to find out what types of lifts are on the market. So you can determine which type of lift is right for you later:


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Types of Lifts For The Home


An elevator, also called an elevator, has the function of delivering goods to a higher or faster place. If you are still confused about what types of lifts are on the market, you can find out through the explanation below. There are three main types of lifts for the home:

1. Lift Service: Service lifts are a type of lift that helps you do things and are not always used to move people between floors. A food lift, which is designed to carry plates of food and other small loads, is a good example of a service lift.

2. Freight elevator: One of the most important types of elevators to save time and effort is the freight elevator. They are made to carry things, such as large quantities of groceries or even just items of different weight.

3. Platform lifts: Platform lifts are mostly made to carry people from one floor to the next. Passenger elevators are popular in apartment buildings, but you can also use them in your own home to make moving between floors easier or to help people who have trouble getting around.

  • Wheelchair lifts: Wheelchair lifts are made to move wheelchairs and other mobility devices, not goods or many people at once. Most wheelchair lifts are not very large, but some are larger for traveling with helpers.
  • Step lifts, also known as "stair lifts", use platforms or seats to move a person up the stairs. They don't move through shafts or other enclosed spaces. Step lifts are usually used on short stairs, but they can go up more than one floor and turn stairs.

If you are still confused about choosing lifts for your home that are right for you, CSAccess will help you choose what suits your home's needs so that it looks beautiful and has maximum benefits.


Different Types of Home Elevator Systems

We focus on home lifting systems that use little energy and don't have a big impact on your bill, no matter how much you use them. In the past, traction elevators were very popular, but now we are using another new technology to get better results.

Some of the lift systems that CSAccess offers as part of our large selection of home lifts are:

  • Screws and nuts: All of our lifts are highly energy efficient because they use screw and nut technology. Our screw and nut system uses a screw reel form and an electric motor to move the lift up and down smoothly and safely.
  • Hydraulic lift system: You need a hydraulic lift system if you need more power or can lift more weight. It is a type of lifting device that works by forcing fluid into a cylinder. This fills the cylinder with pressure, which then pushes the piston up.

We can give you a recommendation for a lifts for the home system to match the electrical system in your home. Call us immediately.


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