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How to Choose the Right Chair Lift for Your Stairs

02 March 2023

A chair lift, also known as a stair lift, is a tool that allows someone to go up and down stairs easily. These lifts are usually installed in homes or buildings with lots of stairs. Conditions like these make it difficult to access for people with mobility difficulties, such as the elderly or persons with disabilities.


Generally, a stair chair lift consists of a chair attached to a rail. The rails are mounted on top of the stairs so that the chair can move up and down. This tool can be installed on various types of stairs, both straight and curved. Also for indoor or outdoor stairs. Usually the chair is equipped with a seat belt to ensure the safety of the user.


Not only helping the mobility of people who experience limitations but also providing peace for the families who care for them. Because, with a tool like this, people who have difficulty walking or moving can carry out their daily activities more independently. Moreover, chair lift can also increase property values as they are a useful facility for many people.


Tips for Choosing the Right Chair Lift for Stairs

As we know, choosing the right chair lift for stairs can indeed help facilitate the mobility of someone who has physical limitations. However, when choosing this tool, there are several factors that you need to pay attention to to ensure user comfort and safety. Here are some tips for choosing the right stair lift:


1. Understanding Body Conditions and User Needs

Before choosing a stair chair lift, be sure to understand the user's body condition and needs. Examples include height, weight, and whether there are mobility problems other than difficulty climbing stairs. 


2. Choose the Right Size

Second, choosing the right size of a chair lift is very important so that users feel comfortable when using it. You must make sure to measure the length and width of the stairs carefully so that the end result will be appropriate.


3. Take Straight or Curved Chair Lifts

Third, choose the type that best suits the conditions of the stairs at home. In general, there are two types of chair lifts: straight and curved. The straight type is suitable for stairs that have no bend or twist angles. While the curved type is suitable for stairs that have a bend angle.


4. Upgrading Chair Lifts

If the user has more serious mobility problems, such as difficulty sitting and standing, choosing a chair lift with an electric swivel chair can be the right choice. This will make it easier for users to change positions when going up and down stairs.


5. Take Advantage of Chair Lift Installation Services

Finally, if the user does not have experience or expertise in installing the tool. We recommend using only professional and experienced installation services. This will ensure that the chair lift is properly installed and safe to use.


Thus a discussion of any tips for choosing a chair lift that you can apply. We also understand that choosing the right tool can be a challenge. Therefore, is here to provide effective solutions for those of you who experience limited mobility. Where we always provide a wide selection of the best quality stair lift chairs at affordable prices. Not only that, you can also get the best installation and maintenance services from our experts.


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